rTurner regularly hosts presentations from industry experts on GWAC, IDIQ, and other small small business contract vehicle opportunities.

Seminars Often Include

  • Lessons learned from recent similar submittals you can prevent
  • Capture and Proposal actions you can start today prior to the Final RFP
  • Shaping and Organizing Past Performance, Corporate Experience, Management and Technical sections with your team
  • Insights from past protests analyzing issues such as

    Financial Statements

    Accounting System Certifications

    Proposal Response methodology and approach

    Contractor Teaming Arrangements

    RFP ambiguities

We will conclude each webinar with a healthy session of Q&A and live discussion on how you can best prepare for the relevant RFP

Past Seminar Topics

  • CIO-SP4 Capture Strategies From SP3 Bid Protests and New SBA Rules for CTAs and JVs
  • CIO-SP4 Capture Strategies - Dedicated Webinar on CTAs + CIO-SP4 Templates
  • CIO-SP4 Amendment 7 - Teaming Issues created by NITAAC and the Way Forward - including Live Q&A and Teaming Assistance
  • CIO-SP4 - Deep Dive into Labor Category Pricing and Financial Capability
  • GSA Polaris and Services MAC-- Lessons from CIO-SP4 and Next Steps
  • GSA Polaris Draft RFP Analysis, GSA Insights and Teaming Help Webinar

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