GovCon’s most intuitive procurement data search and reporting application

Procurement Data Search

  • Use it with minimal training
  • Understand HOW your customers buy
  • See WHO your customers by from
  • Quickly find teaming partners based on relevant market data
  • Let the data SHOW you who your top competitors are for every bid
  • Make more informed bid decisions and maximize your B&P budgets
  • FIND trends & opportunities from millions of procurement records and hundreds of billions of dollars in contract actions

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Our Service Within FedPipeline


Integrate GSA Data

  • Opportunities from
  • Contractor Entities from
  • Contract Spending from
  • When you look at the complete integrated data picture, you find answers you’ve never seen!


Intuitive, Infinite Search

  • FAST: find your answers in < 15 min
  • INTUITIVE: Immediate productivity
  • INFINITE: Search and refine your queries to find the specific answers you need without EVER hitting a dead end!


Reports & Extracts

  • Export 1,000’s or 10’s of thousands of records.
  • Download an Excel book that gives you ALL the data you need
  • Preconfigured Pivot Tables answer to specific questions


Procurement Data Search

  • Contract Profiles
  • Daily Opportunity Matching
  • Relevant Past Performance Discovery
  • Teaming Partner Identification
  • Pipeline & CRM Support


Market Context Reports

  • MA-Contract Spending
  • MA-Contract Teaming
  • Market Detail Reports
  • Agency Contract Spending Profiles
  • Vendor Contract Spending Profiles
  • Reports with Unlimited* datasets