GovCon INSIGHTs (3) – Accelerating Proposal Development on CIO-SP4 and GWAC

INTRODUCTION — Since we’re all still waiting for the release of the biggest RFP of the year, this week’s INSIGHTs newsletter will discuss how you can accelerate development of your proposal, build your proposal library and train your staff for future GWACs, IDIQs and Task Orders. As always, send us your feedback and let us know if these ideas are helpful to you. CIO-SP4 CURRENT STATUS — To no ones surprise, NITAAC extended the “expected” release date of CIO-SP4 — again. Now we’re left hoping that April 29 will be...Read More

GovCon INSIGHTs (2) – CIO-SP4 Release, Teaming and Training Helps

INTRODUCTION — Since this week is another week waiting anxiously for NITAAC to release CIO-SP4, I’m going to relate all the topics in this newsletter to this upcoming GWAC and how you can successfully bid and win; both the GWAC and Task Orders. Get ready folks, it’s about to get real in this town. The $40B GWAC we’ve all been waiting for is around the corner.  CIO-SP4 FINAL RFP RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED — If you haven’t already seen this update from NITAAC, you should download this page, print it and...Read More

GovCon INSIGHTs (1) on CIO-SP4​

Welcome to what I hope is the first installment in a series of newsletters. We hope to inform, educate and provide you with insight, opinions, tools and data that will help you grow your business. Please give us your feedback and topic suggestions as well as the tools and accelerators you need that would save you time and money and increase your PWin%. In today’s issue of the newsletter, we’re focusing on CIO-SP4 and the issues and questions we’re all discussing leading up to the drop of the final RFP. ...Read More

Beating the High Cost of Proposals

When the objective is winning, costs are sometimes overlooked. But the realities of small business GovCon is that every dollar must be strategically spent toward the health and growth of the business. Organizing your Business Development Department and your Proposal Center are strategic decisions that must fit within your current G&A budgets yet be flexible enough to scale with your business growth. Outsourcing GovCon Growth Consulting ─ such as those provided by rTurner Consulting ─ gives GovCon service providers access to on-demand support in a number of domains: Business Development,...Read More