Accounting Services

“Fixed-price, bookkeeping and accounting solutions for government contractors”

GovCon Bookkeeping and Accounting Solutions


This is never assumed, but is a by-product of our quality assurance process. We establish review processes for maximum accuracy. 

Positive Cash flow

Regular on-time invoicing and accurate monthly payroll processing support positive cash flow for your business.


Routine activities are completed on time resulting in tighter control and communications

Hassle free

Professional accounting staff are dedicated to meeting deadlines and providing usable accounting information to support organization growth on a Fixed Fee monthly billing basis


Regular uploads to organization accounting data and the use of dashboards gives you 100% visibility of accounting information.


Established accounting cycles, and regular communications simplify the process and lend predictability to organization results.  No year end surprises and the opportunity to minimize tax liability.

Partners in Growth and Performance

Why outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to us?

  • Focus your time on Business Development and Client Delivery

  • Maintain CPARS by delivering timely, accurate invoices 

  • DOL and Payroll compliance keeps your records clear

  • Paying bills on time improves your D&B rating

GovCon Accounting Solution

Features and Benefits

Our Accounting solutions are tailored for GovCon firms

  • FLEXIBLE bookkeeping, payroll and compliance

  • SCALABLE to support your business growth

  • RELIABLE performance-based services and solutions

  • CONFIDENTIALITY of sensitive executive data

  • FIXED-PRICED  predictable costs

  • RESULTS you can count on

Service Offering Features

  • Government billing – invoices, vouchers and WAWF 

  • Payroll – In-house, 3rd Party Service, or PEO

  • Accounts Payable

  • Month End Closing and Financial Reporting

  • Incurred Cost Submissions

  • Accurate year-end reporting for Indirects and Taxes

  • Corporate Tax Compliance and Quarterly Payments

  • Management Dashboards

Management Dashboards

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business

Quickview Revenue, COGS, Expenses, Net Income

Aged Payables and Receivables

Latest reconciliations and bookkeeping activities


Trends Charts and Graphs

Solution Benefits

  • Fixed-fee pricing saves time and money
  • Contract Invoicing completed by the fifth (5th) business day
  • Accounts Payable weekly check runs
  • Payroll runs weekly, bi-monthly, semi-monthly, or monthly
  • Financial Statements delivered by the 10th business day
  • Outsourcing saves you money
  • Employee burdens can be as high as 26% on top of wages
  • Employees demand your time and attention
  • Our staff works 100% independently of your time
  • Confidentiality of Sensitive Information (e.g. year-end bonuses)
  • Portability and no single point of failure
  • Fixed-price accounting solutions that scale as your business grows

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