How to Choose A Good Consultant

How do you choose a BD/Capture/Proposal consultant that will produce the results you’re looking for? What background and experience should they have? What’s important and what’s just nice to have? In this piece, we’ll consider a few recommendations. Look beyond the resume. In other words, don’t always fixate on the individual’s Agency background and deal experience. Did they win your bid last time? Will they bring their existing biases regarding this customer and contract to your bid? Are they too narrowly focused in a particular segment? Consultants with both broad and deep...Read More

How To Building Winning Teams

We all team. Some of us more than others. Small Business, Large Business, Prime, Subcontracting. Because of the nature of our own business and the complexity of most Government requirements, we need the support of our GovCon industry friends to win contracts.  So, how should you think about teaming? Let’s talk about it the partners you want and the type of partner you can be.  Start with who you know. We all do business with people and firms we know and trust - that is Commerce 101. But do your...Read More